Gynocentricity, Built-in Anti-male Bias… January 22, 2017

It is a fact that society in the United States is biased in favor of females.

For example there are over 700 women’s hospitals in the United States. I was unable to locate a reference to any men’s hospitals.

Even among hospitals in general many are unequipped (16% could deal with men’s issues) to handle men’s health issues but over 90 % were well equipped to handle women’s issues.

“Women and children first” was a totally biased cry often made in saving survivors of ships and elsewhere. Men were, it is assumed, considered expendable. If equality is to be served then this must change.

12 Indisputable Indicators that Men are Second Class Citizens in the USA

  1. SUICIDE: Men’s suicide rate is 4.6 times higher than that of women’s (26,710 males vs 5,700 females). [Department of Health & Human Services]

  2. LIFE EXPECTANCY: Men’s life expectancy is 7 years shorter than women’s (males’ 72.3 yrs vs females’ 79 yrs) [National Center for Health Statistics], yet receive only 35% of government expenditures for health care and medical costs.

  3. WAR: Men are almost exclusively the only victims of war (Vietnam Casualties – 47,369 men vs 74 women). [Department of Defense]

  4. WORKPLACE FATALITIES: Men account for more than 95% of all workplace fatalities.

  5. MURDER: Men are murdered at a rate almost 5 times that of women (26,710 men vs 5,700 women). [Department of Health & Human Services]

  6. CHILD CUSTODY: Women receive physical custody of 92% of all children of separation, and men only 4%. [Department of Health & Human Services]

  7. JURY BIAS: Women are acquitted of spousal murder at a rate 9 times that of men (1.4% of men vs 12.9% of women). [Bureau of Justice Statistics]

  8. COURT BIAS: Men are sentenced 2.8 times longer than women for spousal murder (men at 17 years vs women at 6 years). [Bureau of Justice Statistics]

  9. JUSTICE SYSTEM BIAS: Women are assessed for Child Support on average at half the rate of men, yet are twice as likely to default on Child Support payments. 97% of all child support prosecutions are against fathers. [Census Bureau]

  10. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: Numerous credible studies from independent researchers report that women are the initiators of domestic violence in 58% of all cases, and cause physical abuse in almost 50% of all cases, yet women only account for 6% of all criminal proceedings in such matters.

  11. CHILD VIOLENCE: Mothers commit 55% of all child murders, and biological fathers commit 6%. NIS-3 indicates that Mother-only households are 3 times more fatal to children than Father-only households. Despite these compelling figures, children are systematically removed from the natural fathers who are their most effective protectors.

  12. WEALTH: Women hold 65% of the total wealth in the USA. [Fortune Magazine]

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