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Insufficient Information … February 26, 2017

Arguments about the nature of the Universe… is it caused, uncaused? Does the Universe have a beginning or has it always existed? There are arguments for any of these positions. Biased arguments are presented by theists. Those arguments always include … Continue reading

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Compatibility… February 19, 2017

Compatibility is an issue. The issue is not just related to compatibility between devices of software. Compatibility is important between human relationships as well. Ideas and habits, viewpoints, as well as those interacting with each human are important considerations. Sometimes … Continue reading

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Darwin… One of My Favorite People… February 12, 2017

Darwin is one of my favorite people from history. Despite not knowing anything about genetics, very little about DNA, nor about antibiotics and how they drive  bacterial evolution and nothing about the many mass extinctions that have occurred… he was … Continue reading

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Some Truths… February 12, 2017

A Few Truths About Me I am an atheist. I make no secret about it. I do not go forth near and far to shout it, but if it comes up I will not deny it. In light of the … Continue reading

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The Spokesperson… February 5, 2017

The almighty, most powerful god of the universe… able to hear the pleas of even the most remote… sees the sufferings of the smallest sparrow… cannot speak to you directly. Why does god, the most high, need an intermediary? Why … Continue reading

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The Puppet Masters and the Puppets… February 5, 2017

Is it possible for a human to live a life free from manipulation? There are uncountable sources of manipulation. To prepare for resistance to all of them would be a monumental… possibly impossible… task. From the ad for the Golden … Continue reading

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