An Inherent Automatic Function … January 15, 2017

Admonishments are frequently voiced endorsing the avoidance of judgments. “Who are you to judge?” is a frequent question associated with this admonishment. (There are many permutations of the arrangement of this question)

Assertion: Everybody judges.

When experiencing a new situation or upon encountering someone new an involuntary process of judgment occurs within the mind. It is a primitive reflex as even animals assess. This is a protective reaction. The question asked is: “Is this situation or unknown individual a source of danger?” I conjecture that this is a product of evolution. Those that assessed more accurately survived… honing the product.

As a result humans make judgments, assumptions, about new individuals and situations they encounter… automatically, perhaps even subconsciously.

→The question: “Who are you to judge” is therefore without merit.

  • Those that ask it can safely be said to possess an agenda.
  • This agenda may be an attempt to modify reactions or behavior.
  • The question is academic as the judgment is instantaneous and involuntary.
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