“Protected” Equality? … August 28, 2016

Robot thinking A

“Women” in this post refers to bitter women’s rights activists. Just as men cannot be placed in any one category, neither can women.

Gender equality? There are presently no rights men have that women do not have. As stated previously in my blog there are rights that men lack that women have.

Rights men lack:

  1. Choice whether to be a parent
  2. Genital integrity
  3. Rights that are forfeited unless signing up with Selective Service
  4. Child custodial consideration
  5. To have sexual assault defined as such
  6. Equal treatment for the same crimes women commit in courts

In addition men face more violence on the streets. A man’s word does not equal a woman’s word in society. Men are expected to treat women with courtesy, but the reverse is not true.

Nevertheless, women are asking for deferential treatment in regard to education, job training, and job placement.

As a result of deferential treatment men have gone from being over 60% of college attendees, to around 30%. Men’s education is neglected by feminized schools which promote girl’s education. Boys are treated as incomplete girls, often drugged if they do not conform.

Your perspectives may differ, but the facts cannot be debated.

Conclusion: Women are not asking for equality. They are demanding superior treatment by society. → This will result in a state where they will never obtain the “equality” they claim they desire, but will instead be elevated above men, onto the pedestal that men in the past elevated them voluntarily. Men will become a lower class supporting a female matriarchy. Feel free to debate my conclusions.

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