The Death of Lady… September 4, 2016

The word or label “gentleman” has always been a somewhat dubious designation. Yes, no doubt there were some, are some now. However, the word or label “lady” used to mean something. It is meaningless today. The women talk and act like men always have. Rude and crude speech is the rule of the day. Blustering machismo has also developed in many women… they can’t wait for some man to oppose them so they can engage in physical assault.

I am married. I love my wife. That said I have no respect for today’s women. They are spoiled, treated undeservedly like princesses, and submitted to whenever they cry for special privilege and consideration. They talk worse than a salty sailor of old. They drink and smoke and dabble in drugs like lowlifes. You cannot trust them, if you try, they will steal your money and property over the most petty pretense. They enjoy a status higher than men… men must still submit to selective service. Men are punished much more severely for the same crimes. Men face more violence just walking down the street. Men commit suicide, and no one cares, 5 times more often than women.

I guess I should be glad that I am retired and on my way out. I hope I make it out before some fool takes my social security away and I have to try to go back to work.

I pity all young men today.

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