On the Matter of Equality … August 21, 2016

Robot thinking AEquality is impossible. People vary in size, muscularity, and intelligence. There will always be some jobs for which the small person will not be qualified, and others that the big person will be unqualified.

Robot thinking BEquality before the law, or equality of opportunity is possible. If a person can perform the qualifications for a position then that person should have an opportunity to try. No one should be given special advantage or consideration. To do so would be inequality of opportunity. First come, first serve, best qualified.

If you wish to avoid future unrest, future charges of catering to this group or that, and provide at the same time opportunity for all, then the above stated recipe for equality of opportunity should be mandatory. Temporarily disadvantaged groups may cry foul, but if they are heeded then there will be future groups of other individuals crying foul and continued animosity. The cycle of hate will be perpetuated.

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