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What Will Happen if Hillary Wins–Worst Case Scenario … September 25, 2016

What if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the November 2016 election? This is a look at everything that could go wrong. We will be at war with Iran. Men who not want to be at the beck and call of Hillary … Continue reading

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My Struggle With Feminism … September 18, 2016

Oh criminy, another feminist post….. Yes, I guess so. It is a struggle I have waged for so long and I so wish I could put it to rest forever. However, I suppose it will continue at least for as … Continue reading

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Frivolous? September 14, 2016

What would constitute a frivolous post? This post is in reaction to a comment I saw on line criticizing someone’s post as serving no purpose other than to see the poster’s name on Facebook. It would, I think, depend on … Continue reading

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Poor Dear, Suicidal Thoughts… September 11, 2016

Men commit suicide five times more often than women. One would think that such a statistic would garner more attention for the needs of men. This is not so. Instead the statistic that women have suicidal thoughts more often than … Continue reading

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The Death of Lady… September 4, 2016

The word or label “gentleman” has always been a somewhat dubious designation. Yes, no doubt there were some, are some now. However, the word or label “lady” used to mean something. It is meaningless today. The women talk and act … Continue reading

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