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Reasons for my Atheism … A Continuing Story… July 31, 2016

 At a young age I prayed, to what god I know not… I do know it was a better god than commonly depicted in both the Old and New Testaments of the bible. Why, that god of the christian bible … Continue reading

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No To Special Entitlements… July 30, 2016

Equality, as in equality before the law, equality of opportunity. Human rights, the basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are considered to be entitled, often held to include the rights to life, liberty, equality, and a fair trial, … Continue reading

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The Narrative is All That Matters… To Hell With the Future…July 24, 2016

The media and the politically correct are manipulating public opinion and forcing societal change without regard to whether it is positive or negative. One aspect is conservative the other very liberal. A tug of war is present in society. The … Continue reading

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Does Toleration = Acceptance? Does It Have To?

A topic that has been explored before. Additional thoughts…   Acceptance, though desirable, may not be possible for all groups seeking it. Toleration is more accepted by groups possessing sets of perspectives that are incompatible with other groups. Laws can … Continue reading

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A Flawed Organism … July 17, 2016

Right behavior and wrong behavior… Right behavior and wrong behavior can only be defined in accordance to a set of moral standards. Moral standards vary from one individual to another. Behavior parameters can only be derived from one’s own set … Continue reading

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Nazi-Hass-Kampagne …

Except for those living under rocks, the Nazi hate campaign against the Jewish people in their midst is well known. The government under the control of Adolph Hitler felt that the German people needed something to unite them, something… to … Continue reading

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Equal Opportunity is Achievable… Equality, Not So Much….. July 07, 2016

For me to think that I could do things a large man could do is insane. I could never do the work of a fire fighter. Lifting the heavy gear they use would tax my abilities beyond their capacities. Sure, … Continue reading

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