Insufficient Information … February 26, 2017

Arguments about the nature of the Universe… is it caused, uncaused? Does the Universe have a beginning or has it always existed?

There are arguments for any of these positions. Biased arguments are presented by theists. Those arguments always include a god, their god, as a cause. There is presently no evidence of gods.

Dismissing the biased arguments basically we have the Big Bang, a universe existing always, and an oscillating universe of explosions and contractions.

My contention is that something is missing from the information being used to determine the actual nature of the universe. Some discovery humanity has yet to make.

The only conclusions I have at this point is that there is no evidence backing any of the present theories completely. Humanity simply does not know. There is no evidence that humanity is aware of any god which might have done it. (All of the gods postulated would be readily ascertainable through investigation)

There is no reason to insert a god hypothesis. The god hypothesis would entail an undeniable supernatural element. None has been observed.

Humanity has insufficient information for making conclusions about the universe at this time. Only speculation is possible and that is what scientists have.


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