The Aliens Are Here Already, Get Over It… January 17, 2016

alienMany people have seen UFOs. I have. The question of the existence of UFOs then seems a given, they exist, what is known is what they are, if some agency is guiding them, if being guided… who is doing the guiding.

The book I am presently readingFor the moon is hollow For The Moon Is Hollow And Aliens Rule The Sky”, presents the possibility that the UFOs we have been seeing, at least some of them, may be guided, perhaps even “manned” by aliens inhabiting our moon. Our moon, it is speculated, is not a natural satellite at all but a large spaceship hollowed out by these alien beings.

spaceship moonI have read for years about this possibility starting with a book entitled: “Secrets of Our Spaceship Moon” from the 1970s. Particular aspects about the moon seem to indicate that it is hollow and not a natural satellite at all. Both Isaac Asimov Isaac_Asimovand Carl Sagan suspected that the moon was Carl-Sagan_3450_1395820543most likely an unnatural satellite. Numerous sightings of lights traveling across the moon have been reported for over a century. Structures appearing in photos of the moon, many then obscured, or airbrushed out of existence by NASA, are intriguing and if what they seem, definitely not of natural structures on the moonorigin.

Some speculate that these aliens are the greys so prominently displayed in our science fiction movies and books. Others grey-aliens-1conjecture they are the lizard aliens that are often reported by those wholizard alien claim to have met them. One woman, if I recall correctly, even claimed a love affair with one. A former worker at Area 51, small white aliennow deceased, again from memory, spoke of diminutive white aliens, similar in appearance to humans. It is this last group that I believe are indeed there, if any are there at all.

The book mentioned earlier, “For the Moon is Hollow and Aliens Rule the Sky”, suggested that alien races that chose to disembark from their original world in hollowed out asteroids, or planetoids like the moon, were dispersing “diaspora” of their race toasteroid spaceship various places for the sake of perpetuating the species. So dispersed it would be less likely that the species would come to a premature conclusion, unlike humans, earthbound as we are. The book goes on to say that chance encounters with other species, perhaps even more advanced than themselves, might eventually cause these spacefaring races to become very xenophobic, to seek to avoid spaceship moon 1encounters with other possibly hostile species. This, the book asserts, is where we sit now… Our moon is a satellite that has been guided into orbit by aliens for whatever purpose. Resources seem to be a lesser concern because they could easily obtain them from other worlds that are uninhabited, or even at the fringes of planetary systems from the various flotsam drifting about. It seems that they are interested, it is speculated, in us.

Why would an advanced alien species be interested in us? Perhaps, the author suggests, it is they hope to groom us as allies, soldiers in any interplanetary armyconflict they may have to face. Perhaps they are using us as a diversion. We are broadcast mikebroadcasting our existence into space on a daily basis. We are loud and proud and unaware like some naïve toddler. Aliens would hear us and not suspect that an advance race is hidden nearby. They would attack us while the advanced race makes a clean get away.

In any case, if the aliens possibly dwelling in ourmalevolent alien moon had malevolent intentions, they would have carried them out by now and I would not be here typing this post. If we take all of the reports of people over the years and draw some conclusions we might speculate that these alien spacefarers are abducting some to examine, dropping from the sky and taking samples of our animal husbandry, perhaps occasionally even testing our technology. Cattle mutilations have been frequently reported, mutilations carried out with surgical precision. (Yes, I have heard the stories that purport these mutilations are carried out by our own government clandestinely in areas of past nuclear fallout from bomb tests). Then there is the nuclear misslereported success of a UFO visiting a nuclear missile silo and switching off the machine therein. I heard this report many years ago. I have even heard that one UFO switched the missile on and a frantic effort had to be carried to shut it down before it launched.  Now, if the aliens meant us harm and had superior technology, desired our planet for whatever purpose, why are we still here?

The book suggests that our planet itself holds little interest to the beings. They have no doubt over the span of millennia grownasteroid hitting earth accustomed to living inside their artificial worlds… why would they want to live on the surface of a world and be so vulnerable, as humans most certainly are to being driven to extinction by whatever cosmic kill-shot, be it  asteroid, flare, cosmic rays, gamma bursts, etc. Safe inside their hollowed sphere, perhaps only large caverns are first_men_in_the_moon_04therein, they would be nearly totally secure. Even if the earth itself was demolished all they would have to do is use the same technology that guided the moon here to guide it elsewhere. By living on the surface of our world we are vulnerable. Even if we sought to live underground the tectonics of our particular world would endanger our survival. Despite the apparent contradiction, we would be safer inside a dead03.jpg satellite than on the surface of, or even underground on, a dynamic ever-changing world as the earth. It just makes good sense.

The universe is much older than our system. The earth formed some 4.6 billion years ago. universe        The universe may be as old as 15 billion years old, maybe older… we may not be able to see the end of the universe as yet, therefore be unable to definitively state its age. There has been plenty of time for other species of life to develop on distant worlds, mature, become technologically savvy, and construct hollow spaceships with which to seed the galaxy with their kind. Because of the vast distances of space, spaceships constructed from hollowed out planetoids may be the only feasible way to spread throughout the universe. Each ship would arrive at its destination harboring descendants of the original inhabitants. The inhabitants after many centuries, perhaps thousands of years, of travel would eventually know nothing other than living inside their “world” and may never want to live any other way.

I present all this information here because as you can tell I find it very interesting. Take it all with a grain of salt, salt-shaker-spilledthere are many other explanations of the moon’s origin. If you buy the book you will find many holes have developed in those explanations… (For example: Why are moon rocks older than the earth?) all but the spaceship moon theory, which explains everything quite clearly.


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