Mind Boggling Time… November 3, 2019

Numbers, big numbers… are difficult to imagine. In your mind you can imagine ten people standing in a row… maybe a few more, twenty, thirty… but then when you get up to say one hundred, envisioning a hundred people standing in a row is more difficult. The concept might be grasped, but the vision, the actual multitude, is nearly impossible. It is almosttime of ages impossible to believe there are seven and a half billion humans living on earth.

Humans are doing the best they can at this point in their evolution, but when it comes very large numbers, the image is beyond them.

Time, deep time, is like that. You can grasp a hundred years, maybe several hundred, but when we get to one thousand, and then one thousand thousand, and more than that, one thousand thousand thousand, your mind cannot comprehend. The earth is four thousand thousand thousand and five thousand thousand, years old. We can not grasp that old. You just can’t get your mind around it.

Life on earth began so long ago that no one can understand. Evolution began when life began. Evolution has had an unimaginable amount of old earthtime to change that life into the forms which exist today. Increment, by nearly imperceptible increment life changed from generation by generation, into the vast varieties seen today. In fact, it is said that what we see today is only one percent of all that has existed, as ninety-nine percent has already gone extinct.

Many humans want to believe in nonsense, their religious nonsense. No amount of explaining will ever convince them. This explanation is not for them as they are frozen in time and cannot change. For those who simply think there hasn’t been enough time for evolution to work, I hope this explanation will help you to understand why you are wrong.


(For those who do not like Comic Sans MS, take a hike)


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