A Different Year, A Different Course… December 31, 2018

New Year’s resolutions are always a difficult thing to consider, unless of course you just go with the old standards like losing weight, giving up this or that habit, being kind, etc.

I believe I will try another this coming New Year.

Starting January 1, 2019, I will no longer acknowledge any negative thing I have done or said previously. I will go forward into the New Year without the baggage retained from the previous decades. I am no longer guilty. I am no longer the same person where these specific negative issues are concerned. If asked about them my answer will be… I do not remember any such thing, or saying any such thing. If they persist I will have to suggest to them that they see a psychiatrist, or perhaps consult some physician to see why their memory is defective.

On the other hand I will remember the good things that happened, the good things said and done.

I shall also remember all the negative things other people have said and done, especially those that caused me harm, physically or mentally.

If they tell me that they are also not going to remember all the bad things they have said and done… together we will remember all the good things, and forget the bad things.


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