Destruction Complete….

Well, with the latest “take down” of prominent men, the feminist and #metoo movements have destroyed women.

I now see women on average, with few exceptions, as immature cry babies, who, being okay one day, decide the next day they have been violated.

I do not trust women, with those same exceptions, at all. I will not vote for a woman for any public office unless they come out for men’s rights and follow through. For the most part they would only serve women’s interests upon gaining a public office to the exclusion of everything else.

The respect I have held for women since my youth has been totally and completely annihilated. Nothing remains. I consider them simply neutral beings whose purpose is to be used as needed and then discarded… much as society has seen men since time began. I will not accept alliances with them for any purpose. I will not speak to them unless it serves my purpose at the time.

I will not help women in need, no matter how they scream for help. Let some white knight with the sense of an ant go to their aid, or some public servant who is required to respond.

My regard for the average woman goes beyond distaste. I will regard them as automatons. I do not hate automatons, but I do not regard them the same as people, either.


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