It Just Could Be… You Never Know…. Really… April 20, 2018

Who’s to say who is crazy? What if you’re crazy? You call me crazy but you can’t know because you’re crazy. It’s the same old question: Does a crazy person know they’re crazy?

Some great people have done some great things… but before they did them, people thought them crazy. They kept at it any way, crazy as they were, and did things everyone said they couldn’t.

Nothing new would ever happen unless someone decides to take a different path. Despite the naysayers shouting how loony they are, they kept going and found rainbows at the end of their journeys.

I don’t think myself crazy, but crazy people do not know that they are crazy, so maybe I am, but upon the realization that I might be crazy, I become sane. What state am I in now?

I will do what I want and believe what I want and everyone else is crazy if they think I will stop.

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