The Ravings of an Angry Bot…… August 10, 2020

Robot profile  hWhat does a person do who has simply sickened of society? You can’t divorce yourself from it if your means of survival is tied to it.

There are some people who think politics are a fun game. You have one group establish something and then the other group comes in and un-establishes it. You come to depend on aid, and the callous group comes in and takes it away, putting you on the street.

Hideous people without regard whose only goal is to enrichugly person 1 themselves at the cost of someone else. That is capitalism. It’s not a good system. It is in fact inhuman. That is why the religious like it so much, I suppose.

What does it mean to be human? I guess it depends on where you look. However, if Christianity, or Republicans, or even any other religion, is any example, then being human is probably something no one would want to be.

What has happened with Trump is permanent. My respect for Republicans is in the sewer. I do not want to know any Republicans. They can all die for all I care. Got that? Die!trump-in-sewer

It is no wonder the human race is fated for extinction. The squabbles between each faction ensures that no real progress is attained. This election is a crossroads. If Trump leaves and his damage repaired the USA has a chance. If he stays…. the world is finished.

earth blowing up

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