How Do Humans Commit Murder?… June 29, 2020

Empathy is a quality possessed by most humans. It varies in strength from human to human. Some have a lot, some not so much. There are some humans who seem completely devoid of feelings for others. As in the animal kingdom, there are those who are willing to share, and those possessed by greed. Sometimes the greedy will share, but only if they gain some power over those shared with. Their egos need it.

I would like to see Democratic Socialism enacted in the United States. Tax levels in such countries are higher, but in this way people can be helped by others without sacrificing their self-dignity. Capitalists can still exercise their greed and be  taxed accordingly. Those who cannot fend for themselves will receive healthcare and perhaps a basic income to eliminate poverty.

There is of course the “Conservatives”. They have no care about the poor, the homeless. They want to keep every penny they earn and share with no one. Some of these pseudo-humans think poverty should be maintained. If they won’t work, let them starve. If they can’t work… let them die. “Where are the prisons and the workhouses” they cry with apathy.

One side is pitted against the other. One side, if given sufficient support could make this life a near utopia, for many many people now in poverty. The other side is focused not on this life, but some fanciful rewarding afterlife. They want people miserable in order to dupe them also into thinking of some grand reward. Many are thereby convinced to waste this life in service to a human in charge of a church claiming it is service to an unfathomable deity in an imagined other worldly heaven. It is, in the end, all about control. Getting others to do what you want them to do.

Due to their callous apathetic viewpoints, the religious should never be in positions of leadership… ever. Despite its claims of goodwill, religion has always produced suffering and misery. Dictators love it. It keeps the people in line. Those who believe are so gullible they can be easily led to their demise. Not only can the religious fly planes into buildings happily, but they can run into crowds of children and set off a body bomb… with equal glee.

Humans will never have decent lives on this earth until religion is ended. All religion. Are you with me?

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