The Play… July 23, 2017

Pretense, it is all a pretense.

The man or woman pretends that they are children of god. They have no evidence, yet, they pretend to know they will have eternal life. Evidence does not matter, only faith matters. How ripe for the picking they are indeed.

The black man pretends that only white men can be racist… not realizing that by making that assumption he reveals himself as racist.

The liberal pretends that he/she tolerates everyone… but inside his/her emotions are doing somersaults in a constant turmoil.

A man pretends to be a woman, a woman pretends to be a man… neither is true, both are condemned by nature to be what they are born.

The coexist promoter pretends to accept other beliefs, and that they can live in peace… subconsciously it must be true they are aware that it is impossible for two religions that condemn each other will ever live in peace… or that one that demands all bend knee in allegiance will ever become tame.

Just as the child pretends to detest brussels sprouts but having never tasted them, so everyone adheres to assertions never tested.

Assume the role, begin the play… the curtain opens…

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