That Ideal Creature… July 16, 2017

My vision of the perfect creature could not be one manufactured by evolution… yet, how else?

Unlike the human being, saddled by millions of years of ongoing gradual change imprinting along the way savagery of vast scale upon the genetic code, the perfect creature I envision would lack the greed, the selfishness, the barbaric violence embedded in the very fabric of every human being.

Murder, most foul, would be a thought that would never enter the thoughts of this being. Theft of someone’s property would be a concept foreign and of disgust. Letting someone starve for lack of luck or even sloth would not occur. Anger would not endure. There would be expectations that most would meet, of course, no society could exist if contributions are not made by all.

There would be no treachery. There would be rules. Everyone would learn those rules and regard them with respect. Unless the earthly world where a speed limit means nothing, if it said fifty-five on this ideal world… no one would purposely go faster. There would be no need for authority to employ enforcers… everyone would just do the right thing.

The regard for others would carry to oneself… toxic drugs would be regarded as untouchables. No one would feel so bad that a need would arise to do oneself harm. Efforts would be made to find the best of foods, activities, and medications… and no one would use anything else.

Your spouse would be loyal, and each would trust the other… there would be no thought otherwise. It simply would not enter into their heads.

I look out upon the human race and it is no wonder that I drift closer to misanthropy.

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