The Proselytizing Atheist … October 14, 2013

This post is directed towards those Christians that are beginning to question their faith.

First of all, do not mistake your own innate predilection towards logic andbrain 3 reason for some evil incarnation of Satan. Unless you’ve eaten feces laden food and thereby gained a tapeworm in the brain the only thing in there is you. Whether it be a voice, or merely thoughts that somehow emerge from out of nowhere, there are no demons, no entities, no one else but you in your head. The unexpected thoughts could merely be your reasoning mind analyzing the information that you have been told is true and coming to the conclusion that it just couldn’t be so. That cracker seemed so much like an ordinary cracker even though it is claimed to have undergone a miraculous change into some fragments of flesh.

I know that Christians fear to question those things they have been taught all their lives are the truth. Long ago I suffered that nagging feeling that my thoughts were being scrutinized and that someone, somewhere, disapproved of my doubts. To merely question any precept put forth by the leaders of the faith produced feelings of guilt, anguish, and fear. An omnipresent god with omniscient powers will do that. Yet, various scripture seems to point out that the god of the bible lacks to some degree the omniscience with which we credit him. Look at Genesis 11:5, he had to come down from his perch to see what men were doing. Didn’t he know, already? He is supposed to be everywhere and know everything. In Genesis 18:21 he had to go down to verify information that had reached him. It would seem god is neither omniscient nor omnipresent.

Judges 1:19 demonstrates that god is not omnipotent. He could not defeat an adversary that possessed iron chariots.

A god that is not omniscient, or omnipresent, and is not omnipotent. Is this a god at all? Is there nothing left? Does this god exist?

This is the favor you must ask of your god. That is, to substantiate his existence. He created you, your reasoning powers are of his invention, are they not? If he does not provide substantial evidence of his existence isn’t it inevitable that you would question it? Ask him then, “dear god, make yourself manifest, just to me, so that I can believe. You may be prevented from doing works for some reason upon this world, except in clandestine manner, but please give me one tidbit upon which my reasoning brain can chew.” That’s not much to ask in return for the years of faith you have given. At this point you will have to decide what exactly will be sufficient to garner your faith to the end of eternity. For some it is as trivial as a piece of toast. For others proof of god’s power is seen in an odd series of coincidences. There are hurricaneeven some whocomet see god manifested when a great storm destroys a city, punishing the people for their evil. An approaching comet has even served as proof for some fringe groups.

I would ask that you request something that could not be explained any other way. The things cited so far can be explained as totally natural. Ask him, implore him to remove the mystery. But, you protest, you must not test god. How can it be a test of god simply for him to prove he is real? Ask him simply if he will attend a tea this evening, alone in your apartment. No one need know. If he doesn’t want to stay he can go. Just stop by, come through the door, no need for display. Just make sure no one else knows of your plan lest they provide some personage to fill the bill. Lying for Jesus is a well known tactic for holding on to the flock. All they would need do is bring in someone you are unlikely to know, from an area you are not likely to go and discover them. If god is omniscient he will know, and to know, all he would need be is omnipresent, and therefore present even in the small crevices of your thoughts. Tell him to simply stop by and say hello. You cannot look upon god and live? Is it beyond his power to make that so? Let him know in advance that should it cost you your life, well it’s been a good life. If that is the price for your faith, let him know, you’ll pay it.

If your father cannot show up for a private little tea party with one of his children, what kind of father is he? Then again, perhaps you should have said there would be cookies.

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