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There Was Never a God … November 27, 2013

I disagree with some “scientists” in that I think it possible for people to know rather than simply to accept or believe. One thing I know is that there is no God, god, or gods. The concept of a God, … Continue reading

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Yes You Do, No I don’t, Yes You Do, No…Really I Don’t ….. November 25, 2013

A delusional person cannot see reality, at least where their delusion is concerned. You can tell them white is white and offer more than adequate proof that this is so, but, stubbornly, they insist it is black. Recently, on a … Continue reading

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The Overbearing Ego of Humanity … November 20, 2013

For much of documented history humanity gazed upon the stars and asserted that the entirety of existence held earth at its center. Religious dogma at the time insisted upon such a viewpoint. As human beings came to understand the massiveness … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles or Where No One Has Thought Before … November 18, 2013

At first the ancient peoples were content with the world. It seemed very roomy, immensely large. Though some remained convinced that it was flat and that the sun circled the world and went under it at night, many thought it … Continue reading

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Too Rude and Crude … November 13, 2013

There are many people who claim that they are outspoken, straightforward, to-the- point, or frank. They are proud of this habit of speaking without any notion of civility. If someone is hurt all the better as sometimes, it is asserted, … Continue reading

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Imagine a World Free of Religion … November 11, 2013

What if religion never came to be? Religion, it must be grudgingly admitted, was the inspiration for some great works of art, music, and architecture. Other forms of inspiration, however, guided human endeavor in the development of music, art, and … Continue reading

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Ravings of a Non-Scientist … November 6, 2013

Consider a universe which arose from nothing. The catalyst for such an event can only be speculated upon as there were no witnesses. There would be many who would insert a god as a catalyst, others who might guess it … Continue reading

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Atheist Detector … November 4, 2013

Penn Jillette starts his book God No! with a litmus test to find out if you might be an atheist. It is in the form of a simple question: “If god (however you perceive him/her/it) told you to kill your … Continue reading

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