The Dangerous Nonsense of Life After Death … October 9, 2013

Islam and Christianity are both death cults. Death 1

If only you would die you might get your reward. Die in service to god and your reward increases many fold.

Existence is much superior to non-existence. Consciousness is better than an absolute void. Life after death, though the very concept is contradictory, is desired by many, many who distain the very life they have now, the only one that in reality they will ever have. They are afraid to live this life, as they are afraid of death. With immortality awaiting, death of this life is desirable.

death 2This promise of eternal life has been found useful to many who seek to manipulate others. With this power they can convince hordes of followers to sacrifice their only lives in service to their cause. Whether this service leads to an actual early death or not, the service is rendered nevertheless, not for some lofty god, not for some promised reward, but instead in service to the desires of the leaders of these death cults. These leaders dangle the promise of reward as one might hold a morsel in front of a donkey’s face to make it serve. At least the donkey may get its reward, whereas the Christian, the Muslim, serve, sometimes to the death, fordeath 3 nothing.

Any belief system that teaches that this life should be hated and that one must serve some being that one cannot see, cannot hear, in expectation of a reward, a reward after one dies, is a death cult. These are the types of belief systems that can make people shoot abortion doctors, stone innocent children, and force airliners full of innocent people to veer unhesitatingly  into buildings. Yes, Christianity is death 4quite capable of these acts in every degree that Islam is capable.

No, not all of the members of these cults,  there are the cherry pickers, the non-fundamental forms of Christianity, people who in all respects really only give true Christianity lip service, that could not realistically be convinced to perform these hideous acts, just as theredeath 5 are in Islam, no doubt. Even these mild forms of the disease, and have no doubt, it is a disease of the mind, produce a myriad of effects which society would be very much better off without. From bigotry, misogyny, to the divisiveness all religion promotes, society would be much improved without it.

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