Persuading Oneself

How can an individual who has the capacity to reason believe in the nonsense written in the Bible? How can one accept in the face of the existence of a vast and seemingly unending Universe that the creator of such immensity would take an interest in one species on one planet among millions in such a vast cosmos? How can an individual be convinced that one should be guilty and condemned to an eternity of everlasting torment simply for having been born? How can a person be convinced to accept the concept that God came to Earth simply for the reason of having himself tortured and killed for the purpose of saving humanity from god himself? How does an individual convince him/herself cannibalism is ok as long as it’s god you’re symbolically eating? How do people conclude that an image in a piece of toast is a message from god?

How does one accept the possibility that an ark was able to carry the numbers of animals it would have needed to, to preserve them from a world-wide flood? How can a thinking person see a strider skirting across a pond and then think the surface tension of water would also support a man walking upon it? Why does a fervent believer having seen a person throw away crutches at a revival and walk then not question why the amputee can not be given new limbs and walk also? Are there limits to god’s power?

Metaphors? Fundamentalists don’t think these are metaphors.

In the face of such illogic, such nonsense, the only reason that can be found for such belief is blind faith arrived at by intense self persuasion. The individual would have to over-ride any questions brought on by his/her reasoning mind to arrive at a point of blind faith; self delusion.,101

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