Barbaric and Archaic

Fred_Phelps witch burning

Bigotry and intolerance is built into Christianity. Atheism is merely non-belief in a supernatural deity. Atheism does not dictate anything as it is not a religion.  When pointed out to the Christian, the bigotry and intolerance is denied. As an excuse the christian thinks all he/she has to say is that it is a teaching of god, as to what is good and what is evil. This is a sort of “God said it, I believe it” outlook. 

The morals at the time the bible was written, were very barbaric. That is why the bible and a great number of it’s contents are not applicable to the present times. The bible is archaic, from a time when ignorance and fear reigned. It is puzzling as to why christians want to return to such a barbaric era.

Atheism is merely non-belief, not a religion. Morals have been part of the human equation long before atheism and religion and are separate from both.

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