Seeing Things From the Outside

Humans have their own world housed in their minds and driven by their own desires and affected by socialization with other humans. Perspectives are developed irrespective of reality initiated by belief or concepts presented by socialization.

Those perspectives developed by exposure to religion through socialization with other believers and reinforced by an actual desire to believe which leads to self-delusion become instilled, and especially solid if exposure occurs during the malleable years of early childhood.

For one standing outside the delusion and able to look at humanity as a bystander and not a participant, religious belief seems especially ignorant. Standing outside and looking at the whole it is evident that all religions emanated from the mind of man and have nothing at all to do with what is real. There is no sign of god, gods, angels, devils, good or evil, outside of man’s artificial mental world.

There is birth, life, death, the struggle for survival. There is no evil. There is no good. The predator kills to live and despite the occasional predator that kills without need, there is no actual hatred, animosity, or caring. It, the natural world, just is, nothing more.

Good and evil, or at least the concept of it, is in the minds of humankind.  These concepts arose as people found it necessary to come together in groups for survival. Socialization produced a need for behavior beyond the needs of self. It was found that if you helped your neighbor, when you needed help that neighbor returned the favor. From that, rules of behavior originated and grew as the complexity of mankind’s socialization increased.  At this point religion did not exist, and no gods were considered. It was only when humans began to wonder about their world, why things occurred, why they had no control over things in their environment, that gods were invented to explain things. Science, as a discipline, did not exist at this time. Every society invented their own gods, or adopted someone else’s as time passed. The real world became obscured by the blur created by the myth. Mankind, living in it’s own little myth, has suffered needlessly for centuries because of it. 

Outside, in the real world, there are no gods, nor a need for them.

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