OMG, What if They’re Right? … December 23, 2013

terrorNight terrors? Ever stare at the dark ceiling at night and wonder if Hellyou are damned to hellfire? Doubts sometimes work on the mind like that, whether you are christian or atheist.

After several years of delving into the abrahamic religions and discerning their origins I can truly say my doubts have vanished. I do not suddenly become besieged with anxiety and wonder if there is a RIPgod, and that through my actions I am doomed to some horrible fate… after death. It is quite clear to me that millions of christians, muslims, and jews can be totally wrong. Not only that, but, that they are wrong.

How much evidence is enough? How much evidence will overcome the natural fear of death that people have? With so much evidence at hand that clearly reveals christianity and the other connected religions are simply fabrications created for the purpose of controlling people the only way people could believe is that they have a fierce desire, perhaps mental need, to do so. Even though their logic centers, which all people have, tells them how fictional their beliefs are, they dismiss it, they fear death, and need the crutchcrutch of faith to endure the thought of inevitable death. No one wants death. Something is more desirable than nothing. Though before a person is born there was nothing, when alive there is something, and it is fearful to think there will be nothing again.

The fear of death is a childish fear. Despite this fact most people would choose life, existence, rather than the oblivion death brings.

Before I was born did I care whether I existed? Stupid question, what, after all, was there around at the time to care? Will I care that I am gone when death ends my existence? Again, what will there be to care? The concept of nothing, I admit, is difficult to grasp. You cannot experience it. It is not like closing your eyes or even being inserted into a sensory deprivation device. There is nothing to know even that there is nothing to know.

I dearly wish that I could impart my certainty to everyone. I am sure though, that soon enough, those that seek will come to that point. That is what makes me comfortable with the label atheist, and uncomfortable with those who equivocate and use the label agnostic.

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