That Helpless Feeling

The hand-wringing continues. Frustration has melted into trembling fear. The arguments have not been going well. There is so little to work with… he left so little to work with. With such great power his might should be ever present, so easy to see, and yet… there is nothing. Could it be, that like the power which presents no visible sign, that he too… no, it’s unthinkable. Yet, much of that which was his domain is now explained as of natural origin, his domain shrinks by the day. Have they all, everyone, preacher, parents, told lies? Is that which has always stood as the inspired word of God, been instead, solely the writings of barbarians?

Christians today struggle with telling the story of what they believe is their creator, just as they have since the lie was created. With no credible evidence their creator so much as exists and as a result of ever advancing science, it is difficult, in the face of increasing numbers of free-thinking people, to maintain a Christian family. With the truth all about them in the form of friends, teachers, nature, the children cannot be shielded from it for much longer.

All the Christian has is the Bible. A badly written, badly compiled book of fables. Many books have been deleted, others added. Forgeries have been revealed. Even the authors of the four most famous books cannot be derived, those whose names grace those stories being used surreptitiously. So full of contradictions, errors, and outlandish claims.

Leave them alone, some shout, let them believe it, what harm can it do? Well, we have reminders from history of what such belief can do. We have reminders today; people who are intolerant, bigoted, and full of hate, all for religions’ sake. Anyone who claims that such belief is harmless is simply in denial.

The individual believer is harmless. It is when believers act in unison, in concert, that immoral activity becomes evident. It is when the believers assume power over others that crimes against humanity invariably occur. It is when in power over those who do not likewise believe, that the believer forces their views.

It does not matter the religion: Christian, Muslim, any. Any religion that believes itself the only way, with the only “true” God, with the only way to heaven or paradise, will when in a position of power, force it’s beliefs on all within their purview.

Organized religion must be opposed. Intolerant? Perhaps. The pillars supporting these monstrous threats to human well-being must nevertheless come down. Let’s start with this pillar: Churches must be taxed. As it stands now religion is being subsidized by everyone through total tax exemption on property and non-taxed donations. With our government so direly in need of funds we can no longer afford this unfair subsidizing of religion through tax exemption. Tax exempt status is suspect anyway, as it seems a shady circular way to get around the wall of separation between church and state.

Next: We must come to a consensus on at which age children should be allowed exposure to religious indoctrination. They must be able to assess for themselves whether or not to accept or reject the doctrine of religion. “Freedom of Religion!”, cries the Christian. Yes, I suppose this would be a violation.

As long as the children are indoctrinated at an impressionable age there will be no hope of eliminating the grip of the biggest hoax ever perpetrated on humankind. Until children are en masse taught to think rather than what to think, the scourge from the bronze age will continue to flourish.

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