Biblical Morality: Inspired Word of God says so….

“God is the source of all that is Good.” That’s what he said, honest. Then again, doesn’t the same God claim to be the source of everything, nothing having existed before he said… “LET THERE…..” One can derive from this proclamation that whereas all good has it’s origins in God, so does all bad.

The other day I came upon an interesting question. The question was “If Satan died, would God create another?” My immediate respond was “probably”. Without the bad, the good would not look so good. The contrast is very important. Coffee is a bitter drink, chocolate is sweet. When these two come together, the senses can be overwhelmed. How could you know what is good, if never having experienced bad? How could God rescue you, God reasoned, if no one was chasing you?

Morality was a necessity of evolution. It developed as a result of the human need for forming in groups. Groups were important for survival, morality was important for peaceful co-existence. Morality developed eons before humankind fabricated it’s first God. Religion, God-belief, co-opted the concept of morality, it did not invent it. Prove this? Prove God exists, then I will attempt it. It is simply common sense reasoning for which there are examples in primitive tribes of humans.

The good Christian, Christian defined as those who believe the Bible the inspired word of God, Jesus as God become man, …these good Christians who believe that morality is within the pages of the book claimed as the word of God, simply hasn’t read the Bible, or has decided that it contains cherries, which when picked stand alone without regard to whatever else is therein.

One of the prime mistakes of religion, specifically the Biblical religion, was making available the tree of knowledge via Satan. This event makes Satan seem nearly a benefactor to humanity. “The knowledge was of Good and Evil”, the not too bright Christian might admonish. Actually such knowledge is very important and even now protects human beings by diminishing their gullibility. (Except, of course, in the case of those hapless Christians)

The claim that “all good comes from God” is an arrogant one. This is a symptom of the Christian doctrine’s inherent arrogance. Those who dwell within the delusion cannot see it, but instead see it merely as God’s divine pronouncement. They view it as a ‘quality’ of their deity. Those looking from without the delusion can see it clearly for what it is…it is a claim of superior morality, the old “I am better than thou” syndrome. This has garnered the Christian delusion the disgust it justly deserves in many circles. The religion, as successful has it has been, might have been more so, had it not insisted in putting it’s dirty laundry on display, and it certainly is a type of dirty linen.

Turn your reason on, use your brain’s power to analyze, and go back and read that Bible. See the horrors for yourself, bronze age concepts of morality simply do not stand up today. Even Jesus said some really fascinating things, you will find, if examined with your mind in drive, rather than in neutral.

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2 Responses to Biblical Morality: Inspired Word of God says so….

  1. Edith says:

    The qusiteon of God is not like the qusiteon of Todd.Whether a particular Todd exists or not is an emperical qusiteon we gather the facts and make a determination based on the weight of the evidence.The qusiteon of God is a qusiteon about the nature of ultimate reality.The basic disagreement between atheists and all those with some form of God belief is whether ultimate reality is conscious, creative, and purposeful and that the regularities we see in the universe are a result of that, or whether ultimate reality is instead unconscious, accidental and non-purposeful natural laws. This is a much more interesting qusiteon to me than whether a particular tribal anthropomorphism of God and religious practices is absolutely real and correct, and all the other tribal anthropomorphisms are wrong. I suspect 95%+ of the readers of this blog have already decided that fundamentalist tribal religion is not absolutely and exclusively true, while the qusiteon of the ultimate nature and basis of reality seems much more unsettled.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    Reality? With our limited senses the actual things we see, touch, hear might be entirely different than the interpretation we perceive courtesy of the brain. Not only that, but one person’s perceptions can be totally different from another person’s perception without any real way of determining if that is so. After all, blue is called blue no matter what color a person actually perceives. We can only accept what we see, hear, and touch as reality until we evolve to see something else. We can only act as if it is real so as to function in this existence.
    The means by which we achieve consciousness still is a mystery science has to answer. That is the essence of science, for without mysteries there would be no need for science. I have infinitely more confidence in science’s ability to eventually solve the greatest mysteries than I have in some moldy ancient tome, or in some supernatural process.
    Perhaps we all are just a hologram?

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