The Messiah

It’s that time of year again… that time of Easter eggs, and celebration of the resurrection.

A Man was born of a virgin thousands of years ago it is said, on December 25th, his birth being announced by a star in the East, and attended by three wise men. He was, it is said, a man of royal descent.

At age 12 he was a teacher in the Temple. He then proceeded to disappear for 18 years, appearing again at age 30 for baptism.

He had 12 disciples. He performed miracles, exorcised demons, and raised the dead back to life. He walked on water.

He delivered a sermon on the mount and was transfigured on the Mount.

He was killed, buried for three days, and then he resurrected.

He was known as “Way, the Truth, the Light”, “Messiah”, “God’s anointed son, the “Son of Man”, and the “Good Shepherd”, the “Lamb of God”, the “Word made flesh”.

He was “the Fisher” and associated with the Fish, Lamb, and Lion.

He came to fulfill the Law.

He was supposed to reign one thousand years.

This is the story of Horus, the Egyptian Sun God. The story was written over 5000 years ago.

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