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Free Will……………….March 26, 2012

Sam Harris, noted atheist and author, does not seem to think free will exists. He has described how our actions, our decisions, occur in our brains several seconds before they are acted upon. He asks where our thoughts originate. How … Continue reading

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Who Goes There?…………………March 19, 2012

“Who Goes There?” is a book written by John W. Campbell, Jr. and copyrighted in 1948. This is basically a story about an alien creature and it’s ship that crash landed in the Antarctic  around 20,000 years ago, and the … Continue reading

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The Basis of Arrogance

Scientists admit they do not know everything. Science means the observation, identification, description, experimental investigation, and theoretical explanation of phenomena. Only those things which are verifiable and falsifiable can be tested and investigated. There are many areas outside the ability … Continue reading

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So, You Want A God…. March 7, 2012

Feeble are the Gods invented by man. Contradictory, vague, and the cause of much misery. Figments of the mind are they all, never having seen the light of day, much less been the creator of it. But, wait, there are … Continue reading

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The Liar Apologizes ……. March 6, 2012

Rush Limbaugh who labeled a Georgetown law student a Slut for daring to speak about contraception made a condescending apology as a result of pressures emerging from many sources. No doubt at all the major source of pressure being from … Continue reading

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Acrobatic Self-Delusion…………………March 5, 2012.

      “The Most Ill-conceived and Convoluted Show on Earth!” Many fundamentalist Christians claim the Bible is the inspired infallible inerrant word of God. Other Christians not so much, having seen the contradictions, and errors themselves. Fundamentalists rely on … Continue reading

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