Knee-Jerk Reactions

It occurs to me that there may have been some confusion surrounding my last blog entitled “Wake Up America”. I have a friend who mistakenly thought that I was painting all of Islam with the same broad brush.

Although I was careful to designate the target of my blog as “Radical Islam”, nevertheless, just as some Christians have thought that my past blogs were aimed at the entirety of Christianity rather than fundamentalists and extremists, some may assume my target with “Wake Up America” was all of Islam. This is not the case.

Just as there are many Christians that no longer adhere to many of the evil and barbaric dictates of the Bible, there are many followers of Islam that no longer adhere to the evil and barbaric dictates of the Koran. They live peacefully within the law, doing what all Americans do, working and taking care of family. They love America every bit as much as any other patriotic American.

My friend was comparing my alert with a desire to adopt the methods used in WWII to secure America by interring Japanese in a detention camp. I am distressed at this comparison, as I thought he knew me better, but alas, what is done is done. Nothing could have been further from the truth.

We must always remember that there are some who will react with a knee-jerk reaction to any threat, no matter how mild. They will take up torch and burn the town down before you can make it clear that it was only one cockroach, not millions, that you saw in the kitchen. We must not repeat the errors made in the past, we must learn from history. Just as we must not over-react, we must not be blind.

The greatest asset to America is an alert, aware, but cautious and just people.

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