Wake Up America

While I am suspicious of activity which indicates that Fundamentalist Christianity is making a move incrementally into the government of the United States, presently it does not present the greatest threat to America. The greatest threat to America, and indeed, the world comes from radical Islam. (I would advise every American to watch this film) Radical Islam has already attacked America, has already compromised Great Britain.

There are Islamic training camps in America. These training camps are not training people in the “peaceful” ways of the Islamic faith, they are training them for the day when Islam is expected to own America. (2050 C. E.) There are about twenty of these camps in various parts of the U.S.. Many of the recruits for these training camps are garnered from American prisons.

You have men who are angry at what they feel are injustices in American prisons and are therefore very susceptible to recruitment to Islam. It is estimated that perhaps 10% of the prison population has been converted to Islam.

Radical Islam is here in the United States. Radical Islam does not compromise, does not negotiate. It’s stated goal is world domination by whatever means needed. Everyone everywhere will be made to convert to radical Islam or else.

Training camps must be eliminated in this country. No religious group should be permitted to maintain a training ground for military operations. Military operations are the responsibility of our government. It is simply insane that our government knows about these camps, but does nothing.

Another matter that should be of attention to every American is the persistent push by Islamic nations to suppress free speech. They claim the purpose of this resolution working back and forth in the United Nations is to protect religion in general from criticism which might cause adherents to become violent. What criticism doesn’t incite the volatile adherents of Islam to violence? Resolution 16/18 has returned for consideration of the United Nations Human Rights council after having been rejected before by the United States as acting against our First Amendment guarantee of Freedom of Speech. The language has been altered, supposedly to make it more acceptable to the United States, and now both Obama and Hillary are supporting it, and the U.S. may sign it. Even with these changes it will criminalize intolerance. If the United States signs on to this resolution it will be a victory for Islam. They will have taken a measure of control on what we can say about their religion, or religion in general. I can’t imagine the average American desiring this kind of control of our government by the United Nations.

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