Grimm’s Fairy Tales

Ignorance and Intelligence are two separate qualities. Whereas knowledge and ignorance are related, in that, they are opposites.

Ignorance and intelligence created the Bible. In stark contrast, knowledge and intelligence created science.

Ignorance prevails where there is no knowledge. Fear exists where ignorance prevails. The imagination tries mightily to feel the gaps where there is no knowledge.

To explain those things observed for which there is no knowledge, human ingenuity invents explanations. The Bible is born from such ignorance.

The Bible and knowledge cannot co-exist and are antagonists. Science is the search for knowledge.

This is why, without question, the Bible and Science are like oil and water, and cannot mix.

It is truly a wonder that those that say they are creation scientists do not explode from this severe contradiction.

Yes, the above reasoning explains the title, the Bible is every bit as real as Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

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