Human Resources

The employment offices of businesses have a new name. It is quite descriptive of how businesses view the work force. People have become like any other commodity. People have become a resource, to be used and then when no longer useful, discarded like some broken machine. 

Instead of the employment office or even human relations office the name now is Human Resources.

Totally impersonal, they hope, so that when someone is treated shabbily they will have to believe that nothing personal is meant by it.

People are still people though, despite the label they wish to apply, and do indeed feel bad when treated poorly.

If you are laid off you are expected to disappear, say nothing, and certainly not feel hurt. So you lose your home, have to live under a bridge. You should have been saving all your wages for this event instead of trying to maintain a home, trying to live. You should have had two jobs so that if you lost one you wouldn’t be in such dire straits. Yes, it’s your own darn fault, so don’t come complaining to us.

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