Maintaining stability over time is difficult. So many change their points of view, without analyzing why, just to please others.

Atheism is a point of view. This view is based on reason and logic. This view is based on common sense.

Religion is a kind of narcotic of the mind. It is no more real than the hallucinations brought on by certain drugs. Once exposed your mind is tainted. Abstinence is the only cure.

All religions are fabrications. All religions are false. While some gain peace of mind from this delusion, usually it is at the expense of someone or at the service of someone else. The cost to humanity of this delusion is too great. It causes divides of families, turmoil, and war. Everyone asserts that their particular beliefs are the only ones that are correct and some will do anything to force others to accept this.

Maintaining stability of stance is difficult, but can be done, even in the face of the threats of religion.

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