Cruelty to Others

People can be so hurtful.

A lot of people use words carelessly and inadvertently cause emotional hurt to others. These people are simply crude individuals who have no care or understanding of the turmoil they cause. They go through life insulting others deeply all the while unaware. These people, though they should be avoided can at last measure be forgiven for their acts of cruelty. They are simply ignorant and don’t know any better.

Then there is the other group. These people, who because of their own inadequacies , intentionally say and do things to hurt others. These people are unforgivable. These are the people who have no one except closest of relatives at their funeral, most of which are there to insure that they receive their measure of whatever belongings of the deceased remain. These people are the ones who are not remembered for anything other than the pain they caused. They are miserable miscreants, miserable in life, and whose only release from that misery, is death. 

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