What Will Happen if Hillary Wins–Worst Case Scenario … September 25, 2016

What if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the November 2016 election? This is a look at everything that could go wrong.

We will be at war with Iran. Men who not want to be at the beck and call of Hillary #killthemall Clinton will not enlist. The draft will be reinstated – Men only.

In government and corporations men will be asked to step down from their positions to make way for more women. Those who do not comply will be forced to do so. Unqualified women will take their places.

Schools will continue to be feminized to serve female students. Men will either become feminized or receive an inadequate education. Sports scholarships for men will be banned.

Small businesses will fail nationwide as new regulations are put into place. She will state plainly that she is not responsible for their under capitalized businesses… unemployment figures will be fudged to show the opposite of a cascading increase.

Hillary will divorce Bill while in office because he can’t keep his hands off other women.

Hillary will have a stroke during the second year in office and the vice president will take over, but he will continue her authoritarian policies… he has been well picked and groomed.

During the third year of what would have been Hillary’s term, Hillary will pass away.

During the war in Iran Russia will join with Iran forces and world war three will begin.

The poor, already rock bottom, will become poorer. Indentured service will be revived.

… If Trump wins there will be countless wars as his temper will aggravate world leaders world-wide. The economy will bankrupt, just as Trump’s businesses have. There will be nationwide race wars. The border fence will never be built by a bankrupt nation. The environment will be ravaged as Trump will make decisions favoring big business. Taxes on business will drop to near zero… the public will be required to make up the loss. Social Security will be dismantled. Medicare and Medicaid discontinued. Our infrastructure, already in bad shape, will become a laughingstock of the world. Third world status will be achieved. Slavery will be revived.

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