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Death Penalty Issue–Revisited Again … March 27, 2016

Originally posted on Freethinker's corner:
How do you punish a murderer? Someone takes a life, whether remorseful or not, is still a murderer. Do you take the murderer’s life? Does this bring back the murdered? Does this do anything…

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New Year’s Post… January 1, 2017

Every year has been the same. Improvements were desired but not accomplished, or if accomplished, then lost. Stability is desirable. Humanity is polarized into various groups. Each group opposes all other groups in some way. If you do not adhere … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolutions … January 1, 2017

Resolutions can be made at any time during the year. Yet, it has been a tradition that change is desired at the beginning of the new year. The following are my resolutions or changes, or behavior modifications…. To be friendlier … Continue reading

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Depression by Disappointment…

Each person is an independent unit. Each individual directs or influences their own fate through conscious decision. Independent humans can be influenced by other independent humans. Independence of independent humans is diminished by this influence. The optimum state is independence. … Continue reading

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Human Need for Uber-Support…

TEDDY-BEARS ARE YOUR FRIENDS… Did you have an imaginary friend when you were but a child? Did your imagination make that friend seem real? Did you talk to that friend and then hear it respond in your mind? There seems … Continue reading

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The In-Group… December 11, 2016

There is a human phenomena known as “in-group”, sometimes also known as “in-group thinking”. Humans form groups. Each group considers itself the in-group. Other groups are looked upon unfavorably. Sometimes a group forms and develops actual animosity for other groups … Continue reading

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Biblical Morality… December 4, 2016

→Christians claim that morality originates from god. They also claim that the Bible is the perfect word of god (at least most fundamentalists do). →Morality as presented in the Bible is not seen as moral today. Exceptions that are moral … Continue reading

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Open-minded to the Point of Absurdity… November 27, 2016

The cry is often made for “open-mindedness”. Usually made by those with a perspective which they wish to spread. By making the plea they hope to decrease the resistance to whatever issue or world vision they wish to promote. This … Continue reading

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The Hopelessly Flawed Organism … November 20, 2016

Humanity as a whole does not care enough. They do not care about each other sufficiently. They are selfish. Most live for the day but not for the tomorrow. Greed brings the exploitation of the world’s resources. Irreplaceable commodities are … Continue reading

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