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The Ravings of an Angry Bot…… August 10, 2020

What does a person do who has simply sickened of society? You can’t divorce yourself from it if your means of survival is tied to it. There are some people who think politics are a fun game. You have one … Continue reading

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For Heavens Sake, God, Get Out of the Way…. August 1,2020

Prayer is not only useless, it is dangerous. Believers pray to god to have some wrong made right, or some favor, maybe even a miracle to be done. Someone who believes there is an all mighty entity watching over them … Continue reading

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Do Not Fret Your Life Away… July 23, 2020

What a great racket. Invent a threat and offer another invention, a cure. The original threat is death. They offer everlasting life in paradise. If you don’t accept their offer you spend an eternity having your skin burned off… again … Continue reading

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IT’S NOT ME… July 06,2020

     It’s everywhere… it really can’t be avoided. People have no respect for others. They laugh about it, think it’s the mature thing. I see morons. Empty heads, speaking without thinking. I wonder if they do it in front of … Continue reading

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How Do Humans Commit Murder?… June 29, 2020

Empathy is a quality possessed by most humans. It varies in strength from human to human. Some have a lot, some not so much. There are some humans who seem completely devoid of feelings for others. As in the animal … Continue reading

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      Is this what the GOP has become? Is it now to be a branch of the KKK? Is it all about white supremacy? Is it a party of racists, bigots, and Christianity?      Have you seen the kind of … Continue reading

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Memory Mine… May 09, 2020

Human memory is so very unreliable. Long term, it is nearly useless. A memory is created. Even initially it is not a true portrayal of reality, it is a fabrication of your mind created from whatever details draw your attention. … Continue reading

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Pessimism is Easy… April 26, 2020

Over the years I have attempted to maintain a positive outlook where humanity is concerned. I have found it impossible. Many have predicted that humanity has only fifty to a hundred years left. There is no way to know how … Continue reading

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Defining Humanity’s Enemies… February 22, 2020

Humanity has enemies… they are in the form of humans but present a threat to humans. Perhaps it would be appropriate to first define what in my opinion makes a human, a human. →A human should be capable of empathy … Continue reading

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Evolution Continues… January 30, 2020

Human evolution continues… at least for some. Physical change is only one part of evolution. Thinking, the human mind, evolves as well. Evolution has allowed humanity to survive in the world of savagery. It made it possible to adapt to … Continue reading

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