GOP Presidential Hopefuls Seek to Instill Christian Nation

     One name keeps coming up when “Christian Nation” is spoken in reference to todays GOP presidential hopefuls. That Name is David Barton. David Barton believes that the founding fathers established this nation as a Christian Nation and has twisted history in an effort to prove it. 

     Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, and Mike Huckabee all point to David Barton, describing him as the greatest historian of our time. David Barton claims that the founding fathers meant for America to be a Christian Nation and that our government should return to biblical principles.

     Mike Huckabee at the Rediscover God In America conference, stated that every American should be forced to learn from David Barton, at gunpoint, if necessary.

     Additional information on David Barton can be found here: slavery, here, and here.

     While no references to Herman Cain have been found in relation to David Barton in my search he has stated that everything should be based on biblical principles.

     David Barton promotes a “Christian Nation”, at least 3 of the presidential candidates for the GOP point to him as their historian of choice, exclaiming that he is the greatest historian of our time. This is adequate as proof that the GOP candidates desire to establish this country as a “Christian Nation”. In reality this means that these candidates would not serve the people, but instead, will serve what they see as a higher authority. In essence, the Christian religion, read church, will be in charge of national and international policy.

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