Mansfield Cruise in 2008

We attended the Mansfield Cruise in for 2008, an annual gathering of antique and custom car aficionados.

Although there was a breeze blowing if you did not remain in the shade the sun became uncomfortable in short order.

There was a considerable gathering of enthusiasts, more so than last year. We found many areas of the blocked off streets full of cars whereas last year those areas were empty.

I took a few pictures which are now displayed on the site here. I marvel at the amount of work some of these antiques and custom cars must take to maintain. Some of these old automobiles have never looked as good, not even when new. I did take some video that reflected the atmosphere present at this event, however, I have not found a way to upload it to this site. Perhaps there is no way.

I found the loud music more of an annoyance than an entertainment. Perhaps if they had speakers scattered around the park, set at a more reasonable decibel instead of a central point with blaring speakers that threaten to melt you into the ground, I might have enjoyed it more. After all, they were playing tunes which were from the bygone eras, long before they were even born.

I think young people trying to relate to old people are just as pitiful as old people who try desperately to relate to young people. Your reference points are just not similar, and you end up looking the fake you are. Many people can relate to differing generations and understand completely what the reference points are. Even so, they face the appearances test, and usually fail to relate on those grounds. "You just look too darn old, or young, get away".

Some of my musings included looking at diehard smokers and wondering how long the political correctness police will allow that activity to continue. They weren’t exactly well received by people and most left when someone fired up. The smokers seemed to congregate, sharing their addiction, like some kind of death club.

Another thing that attracted my attention is how the strangest people seem to appear at these events. From midgets to the deformed seem to relish in these events. If you even so much as glance in their direction, I found, you get the ‘evil’ eye from them. If a look can kill, I would most certainly be dead, simply for a glance. Maybe these people are always in the central park and it is the people who are attending the show who are invading the turf of these rude and un-sociable individuals.  

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