What the….?

Ever since I began my exploration into atheism one thing I have noticed. I have been exposed to more religion by atheists than I ever suffered before. They seem to dwell on the topic. Why do I need to know about religion when I consider it no more important than the stories by the brothers Grimm?

I have read that it is so I can do battle with these ignorant people, but this presumes that I am inclined to do so. How can anything be accomplished when these people know the truth already but insist on believing the myth. They will never change their minds.

It is better to fight the battle for the minds of the young. Those who have not been exposed should be allowed to mature to a point where they can look at the information and decide for themselves. As it is they are mind-washed into believing when they are extremely pliable.

However, if we are to maintain a "free" country, this too is not a likely scenario to be experienced.

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