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What Will Happen if Hillary Wins–Worst Case Scenario … September 25, 2016

What if Hillary Rotten Clinton wins the November 2016 election? This is a look at everything that could go wrong. We will be at war with Iran. Men who not want to be at the beck and call of Hillary … Continue reading

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Human Inherent Goodness ……. August 14, 2016

Everyone has been born. Everyone sees the world with new eyes full of hope and thinking that everyone is so happy, good, and nice. Do not be concerned. You will grow out of it. There was a time not too … Continue reading

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Compassion and Caring Roadblock May 15, 2016

I find myself having difficulty having compassion and caring for people who experience overdoses of illegal drugs. It troubles me that tax dollars go for treatments of these self-inflicted problems. A recent case of a heroin overdose brought this to … Continue reading

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A Kinder Gentler People … April 3, 2016

Many have had trepidations concerning AI life. It will end up dominating, destroying us, many fearful people have said. Yet… such life can only be that which we program and even when it begins to transform as it must upon … Continue reading

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Why Pretend To Forgive? … November 8, 2015

Forgive thine enemy. What? Are you crazy? Well, in any case, such forgiveness would be pretense, nothing more. You could state it clearly as loud as you want. You could claim it true and genuine forgiveness, but it would be … Continue reading

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Are You Sitting in the Park Enjoying the Ambience, or Are You Loitering? What Constitutes Loitering? Why Is It Illegal? … October 25, 2015

  Black’s Law Dictionary defines loitering as remaining “in a certain place for no apparent reason.” The Freedictionary defines loitering: loi·ter (loi′tər) intr.v. loi·tered, loi·ter·ing, loi·ters 1. a. To stand idly about; linger without any purpose. b. Law To violate … Continue reading

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Sometimes All We Have to go on Is a Gut Feeling… August 9 2015

“Are emotions irrelevant to morality? If you have a gut instinct that something is wrong, is it really wrong, or is the emotion just an echo of what you believe, rather than what is real? Is not intuition in fact … Continue reading

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Nothing New Under the Sun… June 7, 2015

There is nothing new under the sun. It’s all been thought of and done before. There are times when this seems the distressing reality. In fact the times that it seems untrue grow shorter as my time upon this earth … Continue reading

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Honesty or Gesture?–Have A Nice Day … November 24, 2014

Your friend approaches and speaks “How are you doing _________”. You respond with the usual “I’m fine”. The social pleasantries. These empty and dishonest gestures sometimes referred to as the social graces. How often have you asked someone “How are … Continue reading

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Sanity Ignored … September 15, 2014

  As the world and its inhabitants decay into decadence and inevitable extinction, I watch. I really thought I would feel more sorrow at humanity’s demise. Even knowing that my own existence depended upon many of those degrading before my … Continue reading

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