Human Inherent Goodness ……. August 14, 2016

Everyone has been born. Everyone sees the world with new eyes full of hope and thinking that everyone is so happy, good, and nice. Do not be concerned. You will grow out of it.

There was a time not too long ago that I felt there was potential goodness dwelling in all humans. Idealistic and young, I thought that we were all in this together, this humanity. I was happier then. A rosy picture born of the treatment bestowed on youth… small children rarely are given sight of the real world, all they see is smiling faces, friendly smiles, and the treats… oh the treats many people shoved into your small hands. It isn’t fair. To build this false image of human kind is a disservice to the young. It always ends in complete disappointment… it evaporates so quickly.

Even young adults retain the freshness as they wander out into the world. Idealistic dreams carried over from childhood, masking the reality around them. They soon find that there are many doors, most locked. They will find roadblocks in great numbers impeding the glorious goals they imagine. By the thirties some of this truth begins to show in their faces. Hope fades, dreams die, the mind becomes empty of lofty ideals which are replaced by stoic acceptance of the stark realities of the human world.

I have been luckier than many, my dreams and hopes and starry eyed ideals were struck dead only recently. It has only been a few years. Perhaps I am an idiot, as it took so long. I feel even the ember of yesteryear going cold.

I accept that there are some people who still do good things, when it costs them little. I accept that most people are selfish monsters who would take your last cent and leave you with nothing… as long as the public at large does not notice. My faith in human nature has gone the way of the dinosaur; extinct. Trust is a lost virtue not because it wasn’t good… but those once trusted are not good. Trust is simply obsolete. We are back to tooth and claw survival. Do not turn your back. Do not stop being aware. Do not stop and reflect. Just keep moving.

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4 Responses to Human Inherent Goodness ……. August 14, 2016

  1. kertsen says:

    Too black a picture . There are a few who give their lives away to do good but most strike a compromise to keep their consciences clear. Even then some know they are not being the person they should be but they are enjoying themselves a bit too much. Freud knew us all very well and pronounced we are at war with ourselves. We cannot live brutal self centred lives but not can we give up self satisfaction.

  2. drenn1077 says:

    My life experiences have produced this state of misanthropy. Disappointment has been a very frequent visitor, so frequent, maybe we should add a new room.
    It is a curse that we can imagine how good we might have been when it is clear that we are what we are.

  3. kertsen says:

    Surely you don’t believe there is no good in you it is as big a folly as believing there is no bad. As you know Christians worry themselves sick about what they cannot bring themselves to do instead of getting on and doing what they can. I’m 75 and have led a chequered life brought up four children by the skin of my teeth and now I reside on the embers of a once roaring furnace but I will not give way to self pity or regret . There is much I would have changed but it’s passed me by.

  4. drenn1077 says:

    That is the problem… I do know there is good in me. It seems though that good is so weak when pitted against the savage animal. The good seems to actually care about that beast.

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