The State… March 12, 2017

The Fallout of Feminism

Women will not want to be wives. Women will want careers. They will want children too. They may expect men to fill the role they abandoned, but they are mistaken. Men will still want careers… that will not change. The concept of family will disappear.

The only solution then is for government, the state, to fill the roles abandoned by mother… father. The state looks forward to this. The opportunity to “program” generations of children to obey the state is relished.

Warriors will be programmed to “die for the state” in wars ever increasing in number. They will not surrender, they will die on the battlefield.. that is their purpose, to die for the state.human extinction 4 Education other than of soldier will be reserved for the elite. Soldiers only need to know how to fight and die. There will develop the warrior class and the elite class… perhaps the worker class will continue, as weapons will be needed for the soldiers, and comforts will be needed for the elite. Workers will be treated as machines… replaceable and expendable. Their class will be as low or lower than that of the soldier. Life will be cheap outside the world of the elite.

Incubators will be used to grow more bodies to be programmed by the state. No one will know who is father or mother. It could just be that a perfect soldier, worker, genotype will be fabricated. All soldiers will appear as if from the same mold. All workers will be bred for submissiveness.

There will be no laughter, no personality, no emotion. Feelings must become latent, recessive. Only the elite will have normalcy. The other classes must be stoic, obedient, and serve the state without question.

The future humanity imagined will never transpire… a bleak and oppressed life will prevail.

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