Defining Humanity’s Enemies… February 22, 2020

Humanity has enemies… they are in the form of humans but present a threat to humans.

Perhaps it would be appropriate to first define what in my opinion makes a human, a human.

→A human should be capable of empathy for fellow humans, they should be able to show compassion and caring. A human would not be so greedy that one could accumulate great riches while others starve. A human being would abhor war, murder, and theft. A human would realize the value of life and be against the death penalty. Humans would be eager to have everyone considered equally. Each individual having equal rights under the law.

Who are the enemies?

There is presently a very large group of enemies. Again and again the “conservative right”, the Republicans, have shown they have much racism, bigotry, and hatred for others. They want to have the rich, rich, and the poor, ever poorer. The supporters of this group are of the same sad ilk.

The GOP claims to be the party of Christianity. If this is so, then it would be a sad statement about Christianity. Here we are in 2020 and the GOP is working feverishly to establish a Fascist nation. A majority of Christians applaud. History has taught humanity that Christianity flourishes in a fascist government, where belief is forced. Are all Christians enemies of humanity? When you examine the religious dogma of the Abrahamic religions the only conclusion that can be made in my opinion is that all of them are anti-human. This life is disdained for the next. The only life humans have is disgusting to this group. I would place the majority of Christians among the enemies of humanity.

The enemies of humanity may include foreign powers, however, the enemies we face daily are among us: The Conservative Right, the GOP, Republicans and their supporters, and quite possibly… millions of Christians, Muslims, and the believing Jews. Count ardent Capitalists among the enemies of mankind.

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