My Perfect Vision… March 4, 2019

I’m so very sorry, but you simply do not fit the criteria.

You claim to be normal, and merely a part of the greater whole, but from my perspective your mere existence is disturbing. You do not fit my vision.

Over time I have come to view only certain traits, behaviors, and appearances as being of normal nature. Those things that do not fit, are not classified as normal. You do not fit.

Do not be alarmed, I have no animosity, in fact I have tried very hard to simply accept your aberrations. The only time I become incensed is when you make a claim of normalcy, when we both know, yes, even you know, that you are not. I sometimes feel it would be better for my vision if you simply went away.

It doesn’t matter how much you rant and rave, march up and down, and get in everyone’s face… I will never accept that you are normal. Again, I have no hatred, no animosity, no violent intent… I simply would rather you were not. That you are, is out of my control.

So as long as you do not attempt to make me accept you, make me be your friend, make me serve your odd and strange desires, toleration will be given. However, if I seem to ignore you, know this: it is for both our sakes that I do so.

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