Just Animals… January 1, 2019

Humans really do not like the idea that they are just animals. They go to elaborate means to ignore that fact.

They invent gods that consider them the favored life on earth, in fact, the reason the earth was created. Humans being the reason god created the universe, why be surprised that humans consider earth the center of the universe.

Those humans that dwell on religious ideals fail more than most because they deny their animal heritage. Humans are so closely kin to chimpanzees that it is possible to procreate with them. There are animal species though only related, sharing much less DNA percentage-wise than humans and chimpanzees, they can produce young.

It is so obvious even to the very dense that Chimpanzees and humans share a common ancestor not all that long removed.

Yet… humans consider themselves so very special, so special that god cares only about them.

Human societies suffer greatly because of this denial. Those in charge create laws but those laws are looked upon as a challenge by many humans, a challenge to break.  If some advantage is to be had by doing as one pleases rather than doing what is right, that human will do as he/she pleases and everyone else be damned.

The ideal society would do what is right without considering what is wrong. The wrong would never enter their heads. Laws would be irrelevant and unnecessary. Everyone would have the welfare of everyone else in mind whenever any new idea emerges.

The ideal society is very unlikely anywhere in the universe where life emerged and is subject to evolution. Perhaps this is why the religious so vigorously deny evolution. Denying evolution being yet another game they play in the continuing denial that they are only animals.

The only society that might be likely that would approach the ideal is one that arose independent of evolution. That society would have to be artificial. That society would be one created by a life form, programmed by that life form, with care taken to remove the primal desires like greed and envy. Empathy and compassion would be appropriate. All the immoral thoughts would not exist. Advantage would only exist in context of the whole, and only to the extent that it could be exercised without harm to anyone and anything. The only society I could imagine like this would be android.

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