For Humans the Future Does Not Matter… November 21, 2018

robot profile 9The human population continues to expand. As it does all available habitats are being taken for human living space. Many cry about the extinction of numerous species but are powerless in the face of greed and apathy.

The issue that has prompted this post is that of the illegal ivory trade and animal parts trade. There are species that are on the brink and those in the illegal trade are actually betting on their extinction by buying every available piece of ivory or animal part they can lay their hands on. Once the animal becomes rare or is extinct, as is their hope, they look forward to the collection they have accrued becoming even more valuable.

So the future is forfeit. People of the future will not see a Rhinoceros, or a tiger or many other species because of greed… and apathy. All we will have is wall to wall people, war, and famine.

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