The GOP Traitors of America … November 14, 2018

The GOP has come to represent Christian interests. Yet, there is no morality within the GOP. The majority, if not all, of the members of this party have been compromised by big money interests. Yes, they have been bought.

Corporations have planned this for decades, quietly investing in people, installing them in the Senate and the House. Their plan was simple… establish a corporate serving government… and to hell with people.

The proof is clear. This last tax cut passed forcefully by a puppet Senate and Congress gave the treasury of the United States straightaway to the rich and the corporations. We are now in the condition that enabled the Great Depression. This is what they want.

Unless this state of affairs is reversed and Trump removed from office there will come a civil war, as predicted by the Russians. During this civil war the haves and the have-nots will be in an epic struggle. The corporations and rich, having bought the government, including the police and military forces, will carry out a massacre akin to what Mao and Hitler accomplished. The poor rioting masses will simply be exterminated.

We the people do not have very much time. If the tide can be turned it must be turned in short order.

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