No, No, No… to Islamic Law… December 6, 2018

I am critical of Israel because of the military might they use on their neighbors, and the fact that before 1948s violent and aggressive insurgency, there was no Israel. However, I assert that the country called Israel today has nothing to do with an ancient Israel, including the makeup of its people.

Despite my critical perspective on Israel, I despise Islam to the nth degree and do not condone its obvious hatred of anyone that does not bend knee to it. I am alarmed by its present form of conquest, a quiet mass immigration to countries, where, when they get enough numbers they attempt to instill Islamic law. These Muslim immigrants do not immigrate seeking to fit in, they immigrate carrying all the emotional and religious baggage they had in their old country. I do not support any Muslim mass immigration to any western nation. I oppose such immigration.

Christianity is not benign and causes human misery everywhere it goes. However, it is in a passive phase now where its members are not actively agitating the general population, trying to control it. Not saying that it does not in the end control, it does… through politics.

Islam is in its violent Dark Age. There is much murder and bloodshed worldwide. There is much anguish and violence caused by Muslim populations in western nations as they attempt to control everyone, make everyone heed their religious dictates. Islam is presently the world’s biggest threat.

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