A Hidden Monster… August 12, 2018

Just like humans there lurks within me a hidden monster. That monster has thoughts foreign to that which people aspire and must be constantly suppressed and stifled in order for civil behavior to exist.

There are those that exhort for others to be yourself, not realizing that the façades they all maintain and have on display are the only manifestation of society that be dared. To unleash the monster by dismantling the many inhibitions people possess is to initiate a chaos that would only end when one or none are left.

The civilization that is so widely hailed is only a veneer so thin that if people were to examine it, it might dissolve within their hands. It lies just beneath the surface, put there by evolution, ready to explode should the right stimulus present itself. An economic collapse might do it. Another world war, this time with nuclear bombs, would most likely cause it. Even a staggering natural disaster could shatter its fragile containment.

In a mind boggling catastrophe it will most certainly become an “every person for themselves” world in an instant.

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